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Carole’s beauty shop and breakfast grill

On the way back from the camping trip, we spent the night at my mother-in-law Carole’s home.   The plan was to drop off Sophia for a few days with her grandma while she was still out of school.  As tradition as Carole’s house, we woke to a very nice breakfast meal.  It was no different this time.   Carole prepared  a dish called “SOS” which according to Carole has some sort of military origin.   Since this is a family-rated blog, I will suffice to say we had hamburger milk gravy over biscuits.

Anyway, after breakfast and three days of camping, it was bath time for the girls.  It was quite obvious from looking at the bath tub that  Carole used it for other purposes than taking baths.  So to work off my full belly,  I decided to scour out the bath tub so my little darlings can get cleaned up.  Each turn in the tub was followed up by beauty session at Carole’s beauty shop.

Here are few shots from the styling session.



Both kids were happy as a lark … Then the bill came…..


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