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Put On Your Game Face!

Tonight,  I was perusing the wedding photographic society forum.  A comment was made to another forum participant that he needed to add an avatar to his profile so people could associate a face with a forum post at our bi-monthly meetings.  This is something that I have not done yet either.

So I grabbed one of my favorite models and photography assistants named Sophie Jackle.  She was so thrilled that  I was going to actually allow her to touch my camera.  This is something that she is typically not allowed to do.  One would think that this because of my concern that she may accidentally damage my gear.  Actually, I may also be afraid that she would show me up with better and more creative photography.

Anyway, I sent up my 580EX flash unit with a 28 inch umbrella soft box as a key light.  I sent my 430 EX II with a grid spot for a rim light.  The intention here was to make a simple casual head shot for the forum.   I put my 50mm F1.8 lens on my camera and installed it on my tripod.  Nothing fancy.  Just trying to take a simple head shot for the forum.  The tripod would help make it easier for Sophie and me less nervous. 


ere is the headshot we ended up with for the forum.  I merely demonstrating what a game face was to my daughter Sophie using a souvenir I bought at one of my trips to Lambeau Field.   Here is the shot she took.  See I told you I should have some concern about her showing me up.  Great job Sophie!!!Packerhelmet_steve

Remember in previous posts,  I mentioned that we had to keep things even in our house between our two daughters. This works between fathers and daughters also.  Here are a few examples of  Sophie’s game face.



So next thing we knew, we heard footsteps. Apparently, our game face growls sparked this sweet and innocent little girl’s curiosity.


She is so cute and innocent.  I had to share another one also.


Remember that keep it even stuff.  Well, here are some shots of  Savannah’s game faces.



For good measure, one  rather loud one without the  helmet.  Apparently, she wanted to make sure you knew who was giving you the  game face !!

Now we had to pull out another one of my helmets for this “brown helmet” game face variation. 


Finally and last but not least,  a game face duet with a little Gene Simmons mixed in for good measure.


Did I tell you that both of my girls are requesting to dress up as Gene Simmons for Halloween this year?  Well, of course I had nothing to do with that request.  Do not believe my wife Jackie if she tells you otherwise.  Do you see my Mr. Simmons figurine perched on the shelf proudly watching Sophia doing her Gene Simmons imitation?

Till next time.  See ya soon!!

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