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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Then And Now: A family Trip

Let’s take a trip back to the 1970s. This was taken at some campground.  Back then we did quite a bit of campingView full post »

Recovering from her first day

It was Savannah’s first day at pre-school this week. Here are couple of quick pictures of her in first day dress andView full post »

It is a wrap

Would you rather have an image in a traditional print that needs to be framed for display.…or add some dimension andView full post »

Then and Now: The Wedding Cake

The Then   Back sometime ago in a place far away from North Carolina, there was a wedding that involved one UncleView full post »

A first beer? old photo trivia

Welcome to old photo trivia!  I could tell history behind this image, but that could give away the answer.  Here isView full post »

The Power Of The Strut

  At the very end of the second part of the Weishoff Family shoot on Sunday morning, we were heading back home toView full post »

The Weishoff Family – Raleigh Portrait Session

Recently, I had the pleasure to capture some images of my time hanging with the Weishoff family.  They are great bunchView full post »

Face Painting, Bouncy House and a Cake

  Well, some of you have heard the song “Girls just want to have fun!” by Cyndi Lauper.  I could have swornView full post »

A Nanna, A Miller, A Marty, and A Mirror

Over this past weekend, we got invaded by a family of Cheese heads. One of the heads of the household is a Lego-maniacView full post »