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It’s a Miller Cat Fight!

In this corner weighting in at less than 20 lbs from parts unknown, we have the K-Kitty! In this corner, finalist in a recent game face competition and still my daughter, Savannah “I have no fear” Jackle.

“Ok!  You are definitely cute and all, but this 12 pack of High Life is coming with me!” said K-Kitty.


“Listen here! You striped little critter.  I am taking this back for my daddy!  This is his favorite beer!”  said Savannah. 


It looks to be  a Kitty-Kid standoff as each of the contestants are engaged in a stare-off !


Sometime later after the bout, we tried to interview one of the contestants and this is the look we got.  What do you think this look means?  Please comment below with your thoughts.


It’s Miller Time!  Have a great weekend and see you soon!



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