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Swimming Lessons for Nanna

Savannah took her first swimming lessons at a local Raleigh pool. We still need to work with her but she is gradually becoming more confident in the water. Here are shots from her first of five lessons.

She looks like the part here. That is a good start. A Face a father(and mom) can love.


Early on in the lesson she had that Savannah swagger that we all know and love.


A little boogey-board action Savannah style with a little help from the instructor.


The Savannah Plunge 

We had to have a grand finale to this blog post.  Here is the beginning of the “plunge.”


Mid-air and no turning back!  Wetness is about to engulf her!

sav_swim_blog-5Ya!  Engulfed by wetness!

sav_swim_blog-6Safe and sound! The instructor seems happy and encouraging!  Not sure about Savannah at this stage. A little overwhelmed perhaps.  You probably would be too if someone besides your mom was catching you and let you go under. :)  Oops! I forgot my goggles!


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