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Cleaning Windows

When I hear the expression “Cleaning windows”, I can not help but recall a song by one of the greatest songwriters in recent history named Van Morrison. In this case, it is a little different.  I came home Monday night from work.  I heard earlier through the family grapevine that another Lemonade sale was performed by Sophie and Savannah.  Recently, Sophia spent all her earned money on a Lego set. This Lego set is currently in the hands of UPS and in transit to us in the next few days.  With all her money spent, Sophia had the lemonade and bake sale also.  Jackie mentioned that the Windows needed cleaning.  She only had to say this once to Sophie. This quickly turned into turned into another financial opportunity for Sophia.  She is always looking for ways to work around the house to make a quick buck.

Here is Sophie at work.

She is making her dad proud by using Windex which is made S.C. Johnson in my original hometown.  I like the reflections in these images as it adds some depth  and pizzazz to both of them.

  washingWindows-3A closer look at her efforts.



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