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Face Painting, Bouncy House and a Cake

  Well, some of you have heard the song “Girls just want to have fun!” by Cyndi Lauper.  I could have sworn that I was hearing that song in my head during Jackie’s birthday party and well into the night this past Sunday.  

Face Painting

Like most of our parties, the Setzer face painting brigade was in full force assisting happy party-goers!  Thanks Beverly and Alicia!!

jackieBday-2I must say that this looks a little like Peter Criss makeup.  Naw! can’t be!  No KISS for Jackie!   Only Sophie, Savannah, and I want to rock n’ roll all nite and party everyday!!jackieBday-4  The approval from her oldest child!


Bouncy House

Several weeks back when Jackie was thinking about having an actual party on her birthday, she booked a Bouncy house from our friends at Linda Craft Realty for the weekend.  I thought her main purpose in this decision was to have something for the kids to do while she and the other moms enjoyed their favorite adult(or child) beverage.  Well here is some proof that bouncy houses are not just for kids!

jackieBday-6Not real sure exactly what is going on with her hand.  Anyway, have you ever tried to hold a camera still in a bouncy house? jackieBday-7


“With a little help from the Kids!” Jackie would not have it any other way. 
jackieBday-8 jackieBday3jackieBday3-2jackieBday-9

I will be adding a gallery shortly on so stay tuned for more.

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