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A first beer? old photo trivia

Welcome to old photo trivia!  I could tell history behind this image, but that could give away the answer.  Here is picture of a young lad enjoying one of his first sips of beer with a relative.  Please comment on my blog with the name of this young lad and his relative as well as any other history you may have on this image or people. 


Once we get some responses to this one, I will provide what I know about this photo.  Let’s have some fun with this one.

Update Aug 24, 2009

My mother provided the following comments regarding this image on my facebook page:

Phyllis Darge(mother):
“Where in the world did you get that photo?! As you know, it is a picture of Grandpa Nick and David(my older brother) – giving him his first drink of beer. David was the only grandchild he knew because he died at the age of 44 because of alcoholism – before Steve was born. He married Plesha Picks when I was 11 years old.” 

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