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The Power Of The Strut


At the very end of the second part of the Weishoff Family shoot on Sunday morning, we were heading back home to finish getting ready for my wife’s birthday party.  If you look closely, we can see the Ennismore street sign in the top right hand corner. This means we are almost home.  This corner is a known location for some entrepreneur’s lemonade stands and bake sales

My oldest daughter and photo assistant/model Sophia led the charge up the hill back home.  It was mom’s birthday and we needed to help with the party finishing touches.  Sophie’s brisk and purposeful pace reflects this past weekend in the Jackle household.  If she has some goal in her mind, she will figure out a way to achieve it.  At the time this shot was taken, the goal was getting home to help mom on her birthday.  Nothing was going to stop her from achieving her goal not even her slow dad, uncle, aunt and cousins.

Last night, we went to her school for the annual teacher meet and greet session. Jackie and Sophia had gathered all the school supplies and put them in a bag for Sophie to carry.  They may not have been needed yesterday,  but Sophia would be ready just in case.  As soon as Sophie met her teacher and found her desk, she was hard at work organizing her pencils, pens, erasers, binders, and papers.  She was the only child in the class that we saw organizing and prepping for the start of school next week.  It was obvious that she was excited about returning to school next Tuesday and was ready to do some work.

I think the above image represents my daughter’s confidence, independence, heart, focus and will.  These are some of the many qualities that make proud to be her father.

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