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Then and Now: The Wedding Cake

The Then

Back sometime ago in a place far away from North Carolina, there was a wedding that involved one Uncle Denny.  In this wedding, a young ring bearer decided that he should be the first one to taste the wedding cake.  He was not too familiar with the wedding cake traditions and rules.  It just happened that this precise moment was immortalized with one click of shutter, and has been talked about for many many years. This photo was taken by Dennis Jackle who was the father of two sons – Dave (the ring bearer and oldest son) and Steve (the owner of this blog).

The Now

Fast forward many years later to the year 2003,  this same ring bearer was captured again with his finger in Uncle Denny’s wedding cake. You would think that some thirty-plus years later that he would know better. I guess that it not the case.  You apparently can not teach older dogs new tricks.  These images were taken by his younger brother Steve.



Here is the happy couple from the 2003 wedding getting their turn with the cake.


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