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Heart Painted Rockin’ Angel

Growing up I was a child of the 70s.  As an early teenager, I became quite a KISS fanatic.  Pictures of the fabulous foursome covered my room.  We were also known to head down to the local Baskin & Robbins to get their empty ice cream tubs to make a drums for our hard rock air guitar shows in our basement.

My kids like the band as much as I do. They constantly are singing Rock and Roll All Nite and Beth and want to watch daddy’s KISS DVDs especially the Kiss Phantom of the Park movie.  They both want to be Gene Simmons for Halloween.

Only one issue now, my lovely wife can not stand KISS. Apparently, she was tormented by her older brother and his neighbor friends dressed as KISS when she was little.  So the girls and I have to enjoy KISS outside of ear shot of Jackie much like I did as a kid with my parents. 

Here is the face painting that Jackie does allow. This is Sophie who was painted at a recent IBM family appreciation event in RTP, NC.  Just before bed, Sophie came into my studio and said mommy is making me take the makeup off and she wanted a picture with a real camera. The earlier camera phone shots were not enough.




There still is a Gene Simmons like aura about these even with the hearts.  Go Sophie!!

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