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That ain’t funny

There are definitely some good and bad things about being the children of a photographer.  If they like modeling,  they pretty much can have unlimited photo shoots.   All they have to do is ask.   Sometimes. however,  they simply do not have a choice.  :)   They become the “askee” not the “asker.”

I am constantly looking for ways to improve the creative and technical aspects of my photography.   Last night before dinner was no exception.  I snuck out back of the house and set up a couple of  flash units(Canon speedlites) on some  light stands near our playground/playhouse.  Yes, I could have used the early evening natural light for these shots but using flash units allows me more creative flexibility and control.  I have potentially three light sources to play with instead of just one.

One flash unit  which was gelled with FULL CTO was placed on a light stand instead the playhouse.   It was positioned to serve two purposes:  a background light  and warm hair light.  The light pointed at an angle to   to reflect off an inside wall for the  background light  and also through the window for warm hair light.. Outside of the playhouse another flash unit with an shoot-through umbrella was placed on a light stand for the key light.  I chose to use a 60 inch umbrella to provide a  large soft light for the faces that would be soon look through this playhouse window.  I triggered these units  using the new Pocketwizard wireless radio  mini TT1 transmitter(on camera) and Flex TT5 receivers with the flash units in manual mode.

So now all I need  are some faces.  Wonder where  I can find a couple of children to model for me?  Hmmm… Sophie! Savannah!  I need to borrow you for a brief princess shoot!   I thought to myself  what little girl would turn down a princess photo shoot.  I knew I could get them to at least a few minutes.  That about all the time I had before we were called in the house for dinner.

First up,  two girls rimmed in warm light  and framed by the playhouse window looking off into the direction of the key light.


A new and different angle.  The  look on Savannah’s face is just like her. You can really see the effect of the CTO(yellow) gel on the flash unit inside the playhouse.  


Now, a solo shot of daddy’s “original” model.  If you look closely , you can see a little bit of the blue slide and ground texture in the left of the frame. I chose to reduce/cut-out the ambient light from the scene and rely primarily on my flash units for a more creative look.  In reality, I could have done these shots  with the ambient early  5 PM evening light.  I did not entirely cut out the ambient light with my camera exposure settings.


Now, this one is what prompted the title of this post.  It appears Savannah is telling her older sister a joke that she does not  want to hear.  I title this image “That ain’t funny!”


Till next time, take care!!!

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