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Welcome to Shady town

Recently,  I continue to play around with controlling and manipulating ambient and flash/strobe light sources to achieve different looks in my images. 

This first image below was taken with the ambient(background) a little underexposed(darker) than the flash unit that is exposing Sophie’s face from the upper right hand side of the frame.   Notice the background has a shelf  and some pictures that would make a Green Bay Packer fan proud.  I included this image in this series to show the room that I was working in for these images. 

If I was using a regular point-and-shoot camera,  I would not typically have hardly any control of the image exposure and the light would be flat(coming straight from the camera axis).  The image may be acceptable but it would not the have the dimensional look afforded by the off-camera flash unit.    


Not everyone is a Packer fan like Sophie and me.  So I decided to remove the Packer influence from the image by making the background black.  I adjusted my camera settings so that when I took a “flash-less” shot in the same environment  the image became black.  The same ambient light in the first photograph is still present in the room,  but my  new camera settings make it where this light has no effect on my image.  In essence, I killed the ambient(room) light.   Now, it is just a matter of lighting my subject(beautiful Sophie) with flash unit  and keeping as much of its light from hitting the back wall.  If the light hits the back wall, it will show up in the image. 

Here are a couple of  the final results after a little work in Photoshop.




Till next time!

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