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I want to ride my Bicycle. I want to ride my Bike….

Everyone goes through various firsts in their lives.  Sophie is no different.  We have been trying to teach her how to ride a bike for quite some time now.    This weekend grandma Carole finally was able to trigger success in Sophie.   I had been telling to “keep going”  which in my mind  meant  “pedal Sophie pedal!.”  Well, it apparently had not been clear to Sophie.    Carol urged her to "pedal Sophie pedal!”  and off she went.  It was like a light switch!

Early on she started with her helmet as she gained confidence. 




Her confidence grew quickly as our circle became a circular race track.  She is steady as a rock and fast too!  Speed racer eat your heart out!!!   I thought when I learned I was wobbly for a week.  Maybe I just do not remember what happened almost 40 years ago.  Great job Sophie!




Jackie took Sophie to a local park to ride around a lake!  Sophie has been suggesting this all day!!!

See ya soon!

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