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Can you take me back to a place called Oregon Street?

Well, I had this huge cardboard box that I have been moving from place to place since since the very early 1990s.  I knew it had some of my childhood stuff in it including some 1000s of sports cards(baseball, basketball, football, Brazilian soccer).  I have been putting off rummaging through this box for years because I knew it would take some work going through the cards and determine their value and what future they should have with me.

Finally, my procrastination ended and I unsealed the box and took a look inside. As I thought there was quite a few sports cards in it but also several other items that I did not expect.  These items take me back to a time where a small and skinny young boy spent his time focusing on school, wrestling, electronic hand held and  homemade baseball games, and card collecting in his childhood home on Oregon St. in Racine, Wisconsin.

Here are some of the examples of items that I found:

  • A Muhammad Ali autograph scribbled  into a Allen-Bradley notepad that I received after briefly shadow-boxing with the champ in O’Hare airport as we waited for our delayed flight to take off to London on my first trip to Europe in 1977.
  • A 1969 Chicago Cubs spring training (Scottsdale, Arizona)  official press- radio roster book that was given to me by my junior high vice principal Al Widner who knew I was really into baseball at that time.
  • My 1979-80 Junior high year book from Mitchell Junior High.
  • Some of my player sheets for the baseball game I made using player statistics and dice roll probabilities.
  • Who’s Who in Baseball books.
  • Some sketch books that included my drawings of KISS band members faces.
  • 1978  junior high team wrestling picture with a few programs from the wrestling meets.
  • The Milwaukee Journal Times from March 30, 1981 that contained the headline “President Wounded: Reagan undergoes surgery; listed in good condition”
  • Not to mention all my cards.  
  • The list goes on.

So my mind was back in Wisconsin. This was a place that I had not lived since 1981.  This year is a milestone where I have now lived in south twice as long the Midwest.  Thank god my mother, sister and brother still live there and I have these things to remind me of my roots.  Things I can pass on to my children to help them understand their father childhood and their family history a little better. 

The time between Christmas day and New years 2009 was spent in these old stomping grounds with my mother in Racine, Wisconsin.  This is the first time in many years that my family has spent the holidays with her.  Usually, it is other times of the year, that we head to cheese land.  My wife came up with the idea of this trip for the holidays.  Here is brief video of our recent trip.  This time sharing my roots with my precious children.
If you do not see embedded video below, click here for the blog video.

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  • Todd NienhausMarch 5, 2010 - 1:48 pm

    Remember you, Gingo, and me hanging around Ms. Purviance’s room and then needing a pass to get to science class? Ah, the days!ReplyCancel

  • SteveMarch 6, 2010 - 12:20 pm

    Yes.. Good old Miss Purviance’s class. I found a Kansas City Royals – Milwaukee Brewers ticket stub from when she took us in mezzanine seat style in the box.ReplyCancel

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