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Green Eggs and Savannah! Happy Birthday!

Savannah woke up to this “Balloons by Mommy” arrangement on her 4th birthday last Wednesday.  Mommy and I took the day off to spend the day with Savannah on her birthday.  In the afternoon, Grandma Phyllis and her friend Brian drove in from Wisconsin to celebrate her birthday.


The first present of the day came from her big sister Sophia. Following her great aunts tradition,  Sophia made a  special gift for Savannah which included 4 dollars of her Sophie’s money as a gift.  Her Aunt’s typically give a dollar per year on a child’s birthday.


I think she likes the gift.


Savannah turns the tables on Grandma Phyllis. She is reading her favorite Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham” to her grandmother.



Here is Savannah’s birthday cake.


The entire story can be found in this videoGallery pictures are here! 

Till next time!

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