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Reading: Mom, 2 Girls, and a Duck

We have had great weather in Raleigh this week.  Sometimes even with great weather,  the girls need a moment to relax and sit down with their mother and read a “There’s a Duck at the Door” book.   I always get tickled and proud when Jackie reads to the children because she is so animated when telling the story.  I could not have picked a better mom for our children.  She is probably the most thoughtful person that I know.

It is Mother’s Day this weekend.  One day never truly and properly thanks the mothers in our households for the many things they do everyday to make our families tick and make our houses a home.  Moments like this one is a priceless reminder on how important moms are in our lives!  Love you Jackie!


Jackie is playing the duck role here and Savannah is intently watching the book character that has come alive. 


Talk to you soon!

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