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Krispy Kreme Girl

There are many great places here in North Carolina including the beaches and mountains.  North Carolina scenery makes it easier for a Raleigh NC portrait and event photographer like me to find interesting places to shoot creative images.

You can also find great places to eat  here.  Nothing beats two flavors of  North Carolina barbeque : “Lexington” and “Eastern”.   Men and families can not live on pork alone.  Sometimes, we need to satisfy our sweet tooth.  Down here, a bright red light turned in the window of your local Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop  means the “marching doughnuts” are inside.  This beacon becomes very hard to resist making that enticing stop.  It indicates that the shop is currently making a fresh batch of their famous doughnuts.  The doughnuts come down a conveyor belt to make them look like they are “marching.”    My mind never can seem to win the battle against my eyes, stomach, and nose in these circumstances.  I know you can get Krispy Kreme doughnuts in a grocery store.  Trust me! They do not even come close to the freshly made ones at  one of their doughnut shops.  We consider it a sin to buy them in the grocery store in my house.

It does not make things any easier that my wife grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and is a stock holder in this Winston-Salem based company.   Well, she needs to help the stock prices so she is a frequent shopper at our downtown Raleigh , NC Krispy Kreme doughnut shop near Peace College.  She recently brought home two dozen of these tasty treats including my favorite chocolate glazed with colored sprinkles.  Yes, real men eat sprinkles.

Here is a collage and tribute to these delicious gems as we started to enjoy them.   I call this Krispy Kreme Girl.  It stars my youngest daughter Savannah. 

Krispy Kreme Girl by Raleigh, NC portrait photographer Steve Jackle

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