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There is a KISSOPOLY in the Jackle household.

Yes, I was a teenager in the 70s – the time when either you were a Disco King or had other ideas about music.  In my case, if you ever saw me dance, you would know that I had other ideas about music.

My bedroom was covered with magazine cutout pictures and posters of KISS  with the exception of  one famous Farrah Fawcett Majors poster.  Back then, She was married to the “6 Million Dollar Man” and was an angel for a man named Charlie. I digress.

We used to get empty ice cream tubs from the local Baskin and Robbins ice cream store dumpster to make drum sets and used cardboard and  2×2 sticks to make guitars.  Many days,  you would find my friends and me down in our basement blasting the KISS Alive album and acting like we were the band.  This was one step above the air guitar craze.  Yes, I said albums or LPs.  They spin around on a turntable in case you never heard of them. :)   I still have the first 8 KISS albums in my attic.

Anyway, my KISS fandom has been passed down to my children.  They are anxiously awaiting a Raleigh KISS show coming here in August.  Both of them are getting excited.  Uncle Dave is coming to Raleigh to join the fun. Looks like we can finally use the KISS makeup kits that he sent us last year for Halloween. Problem is that all of us want to be Gene Simmons.  I guess we will look the “three little Genes” with Papa Gene, big sister Gene, and baby Gene.  Too bad the “meet and greet” tickets for the concert are out of our price range.  Oh Well… This may be one of the last times that my girls will be able to see a KISS concert with some of the original members in the band.

Sunday, I asked the girls if they wanted to play a board game. Here is what they chose.  

Yes, it is another gift from Uncle Dave.  The girls and I usually get a KISS Christmas from Uncle Dave.

Some more shots from the morning fun.


This is the closest you will ever see Jackie getting to the band KISS.  It has something to do with a bad childhood experience with her brother and his friends dress up in KISS makeup.


Sophie and Gene like their GREEN!


Who says you can not bang your head to KISSOPOLY?


Darn, she missed the Free Money space again!


I did some internet research today and found out this game is out of print now. Looks like I have another KISS collectible to add to my 1996 reunion KISS dolls still in their packaging and my albums.

See ya soon!

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