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Diggity Dog World


It is a Diggity-dog world!  The girls were away this weekend.  I was itching to shoot.  When a portrait photographer has the itch with no kids and or scheduled shoots, dog you are up !  Dogs have expressions like people but do not listen quite as well.  Well… I guess that depends on the person. :) 


Here is looking at you daddy!


That was very good joke, tell me another one! This is one smiling dog. I guess I would smile too if someone rescued me from the shelter.


Ok, Take it already!  I got the pose! I got the pose!


Even dogs benefit from a retouching in Photoshop! i decided to add a little “painted” effect to this image.


Ok,  This photography is boring me!  Time to chase the cat or go lay on the bed.

Till next time!

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