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The Water Chair

This past month was our second annual camping trip to Grayson Highlands State Park.  My sister-in-law Lori Lipkin reserves the group camp site and invites several families and friends to join the fun.  What can be better than putting away your cell phones and internet devices and spending some quality time with you family and friends in the mountains?  Not to mention that the weather was about 20 degrees less than the heat we have experienced in Raleigh.  Oh yea,  there are no mosquitoes.

Biking an 18 mile section Virginia Creeper trail from  is one of the highlands of the annual  trip.  This section of trail is a downhill run through the scenic mountain side.  Sophie did it for the first time this year after learning to ride her bike after last years run.  She is a trooper and did not complain one time during the run. There are many places to stop and relaxing on the trail.  One place we found last year allowed the kids to relax and cool off while enjoying some time in the water.

This next series of shots are the kids taking turns in the “Water chair”.

My niece Beverly.


My daughter Sophie


Nic and Autumn



Our oldest child in the group is 50 something. :0



Our fearless leader Lori.


Our two love birds.




Momma and the girls



Some water walking with Beverly.


Grayson Highlands Camping trip photo gallery.

See ya soon!

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