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Uncle Dave and Two Genes: Kiss Fans as clear as Black and White

Both my older brother and I were children of the 70s. For most part , it seems that I followed his foot steps on most things especially sports. For music especially KISS music, things were a little different.  I forged the path to his enlightenment.
I am glad that this is one of the many things we share as well as the love for my two Genes(girls). 

These shots were taken just before the KISS concert this past Sunday in Raleigh in my studio.  My brother is visiting from Chicago and it just seemed appropriate to do a little portrait shoot with Uncle Dave and his nieces.  I decided to make these images black and white to match the colors of the makeup.

kissshoot-223-Editkissshoot-196-Edit-Edit kissshoot-212-Edit


OK… I had to sneak this one in also. Daddy and the two Genes.


Excellent job on the Kiss Makeup was done by my wife Jackie.

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