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Cow Girl

Recently, I was invited by Jim Colman of Jim Colman Photography to a studio where he was teaching NC State students lighting  101 techniques for video.  As a Raleigh, NC portrait and event photographer, I primarily use strobe lighting to augment the existing ambient light in my photography.  In the case of video, continuous light sources are used.   As Jim would say, “Light is Light!”.   Jim is an excellent photographer who also has over 30 years of video production experience.  Not to mention he is a all around great guy that is willingly to help others.   Though I had seen and used some of the techniques that he demonstrated in the class before,  his demo and explanations clicked some things in my head and inspired me to dig deeper.  The continuous light demo by Jim made it easier to visual these techniques so I could apply them to my strobe photographic lighting.  Thanks Jim!

Had a few minutes of fun Nanna (Savannah – my daughter) style today.  She came upstairs to the studio.  I put on the “Toby Keith” hat and this is what I got.  These images captured Nanna being herself – playful.  No animals were hurt doing this shoot and I incorporated some Colman inspired lighting techniques.

cowgirl (1 of 10)

cowgirl (2 of 10)

cowgirl (3 of 10)

cowgirl (4 of 10)

cowgirl (5 of 10)

cowgirl (6 of 10)

cowgirl (7 of 10)

cowgirl (8 of 10)

cowgirl (9 of 10)

cowgirl (10 of 10)

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