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The AC3 and the Models

I finally got my hands on the new PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller for the PocketWizard Control TTL system that have owned since they came out.  I use PocketWizard Control TTL system as radio controllers to remotely fire my Canon Speedlites. The Control TTL system allows photographers to use both TTL (Through the lens) automatic flash and manual flash modes.  In TTL flash mode, the amount of flash output is determined by the electronics of the camera and flash units based on camera settings(aperture and ISO) and the tonality of  image that you frame.  In manual flash mode, you as the photographer decide and set your flash units to a fixed output.  My choice of these modes depends on the particular situation I am working in. 

Before I received the PocketWizard AC3 Zone controller, I would have to walk over to my off camera flash units and make changes on the flash units to switch between TTL and manual mode.  If in manual mode, I would also have to make this walk to change the flash power setting.  This is now a thing of the past with the AC3.  I can now change between these flash modes, adjust both the manual flash output(6 stop range),  and also the TTL flash exposure compensation (-3 to +3 stops) without leaving the camera position.  Call me lazy!  I can also set the individual flash units in up to 3 different zones. In each of these zones, I have the same control.

Ok enough techno-geek stuff.  When I work on my studio, I prefer manual flash mode because the distance from the flash unit to my subject and the ambient light remains constant.  The arrival of the Zone Controller allows to me to very quickly make changes to my lighting.  It is gives me a reason to play more too!  All I need is a model.

My daughter Sophie said she wanted to do a photo shoot. She quickly disappeared into her room with her sister.  Thirty minutes later, they came up stairs in their selected wardrobe with makeup applied. Now it was time to play!  Here is some shots from impromptu session.  I basically let her pose the way she wanted in these images.

Sophie Jackle and the AC3 by Steve Jackle

Sassy Sophie Jackle by Raleigh portrait photographer Steve Jackle

  Sophie Jackle by Raleigh portrait photographer Steve Jackle

I added a “twilight” edgy to same photo here. Twilight Sophie Jackle by Raleigh portrait photographer Steve Jackle

Let’s not forget Nanna!

Little Sweetie

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