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Halloween–Hanging with Mike, a cat-Pumpkin


untitled (1 of 1)Well, it was Halloween last here in Raleigh. Here is a shot of the my neighbor Mike taken outside the front of our house. Mike and I were on candy duty.  Good thing he provided us both each a magic Halloween cup as it was a little nippy outside.  Decorations were provided by Jackie.

untitled (1 of 2)

Here is Sophie with Achilles in their Halloween costumes. Sophie was in her 50s poodle outfit and Achilles was hound dog (in the spirit of Elvis).

  untitled (2 of 2)

Shy Savannah had a matching 50s poodle outfit. Here she is with her mom the witch!  Thank god it is just an outfit because her mom on the inside does not have any witch-like qualities. Lucky for all of us!

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