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Glamour Grands–Thanksgiving on the Farm


Every year, we make a trip to Jasper, Indiana to visit the family farm for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is great to get away from our city life and see the family. I have been blessed with a great family headed now by my amazing grandmother Cleda Sophia Jackle who is 96 years young.  This trip reminds me about the most important thing in life – family. 

When you get all of us Jackles together, you need to have plenty of space.  My cousin John moved out the farm machinery and cleaned out the shed for the Thanksgiving potluck dinner.


After a special blessing from Grandma, the meal was enjoyed by all of us. Jackles love to eat. Here is Grandma doing her share.  A two fisted eater. This image sums the meal up for me. Good food and a smiling grandma because most all her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were in attendance. This is the purpose of Thanksgiving- to give thanks for the blessings of family and life. 


Ok.. now we are at the farm and it is raining outside and cold.  The weekend before Thanksgiving I participated in the excellent lighting workshop. I brought all my gear in case there was chance that  I would be able to practice what I had learned. Nothing better than family to be your test models. 🙂 Well, it was not going to happen outside anyway. 

I decided to setup  “glamour” headshots for a few of the grandparents and anyone that would be willingly to be photographed.  I grabbed a couple of speedlights, an umbrella, a light stand and a reflector.  The shed was now my makeshift “headshot” studio.  Turkey and headshots anyone?  The next series of images is what I call “Glamour Grands” as each of the models are somebody’s grandparent.  It starts with the matriarch of the family.

The shot symbolizes our German heritage and our sense of humor.  The beer holder is my father. He is the art director for this shot. :)  As grandpa used to say “Boys will be boys!”

glamour_grands (6 of 9)

glamour_grands (7 of 9)

glamour_grands (8 of 9)

My great aunt Wilma is next in line. She is 94 years young.  I remember in my youth going to aunt Wilma’s house to play “UNO” and eat her special popcorn(sugar instead of salt).  This was tradition.

glamour_grands (9 of 9)

My father is next. He is the best father there is..  My youngest daughter Savannah calls him the grandma that is a boy. Now that is a complement if you know how much she loves her grandmas.

glamour_grands (4 of 9)

glamour_grands (3 of 9)

We can not forget Grandma Ginger. She has been part of our lives now for over 25 years. Their special anniversary is coming soon.

glamour_grands (2 of 9)

See ya soon!

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