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Have you seen Junior’s grades ?

portait image of heavy metal rocker girl photo

Rock N Roll guitar girl shot

two fisted PaperJamz guitar playing image

fashion shot with guitar photo

metal guitar hug shot

girl Heavy Metal guitar pose image

flying V guitar over head photo

And the cradle will rock…… Yes!  The cradle will rock. 

My girls are a chip off the old block with it comes to Rock n’ Roll music.  Maybe someday they will turn these Paper Jamz guitars into real ones like I used to play.

Hopefully, this answers the question what do the Jackles do when they are snowed in and school is closed.  A new studio light and a Alien Bee/White Lightning Pocketwizard Control TTL triggering adapter helps matters also.  Mail and UPS are always open!  Thank God for that! 

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