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Making Some Dough: The Joy of a Pizza Making Field Trip


Yesterday,  Savannah and I joined her Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Preschool class on a very tasting outing. The class went to Raleigh’s Andy’s Pizza to learn how pizza was made. Even though the field trip was scheduled for 9:30 AM, it is never too early for a slice of pizza.  Pizza is in fact a breakfast food!  It reminded me of my college days! 🙂

When we arrived, each child given a glob of pizza dough to practice their kneading skills. pizzablog-36




The children were then taken in groups to the Pizza kitchen to learn about the art of pizza making and to make a personal pizza for themselves.

The Pizza chef first showed the children the pizza dough that begins the process.


The pizza dough toss demonstration!


Every good pizza needs a good sauce and cheese!  A white pizza is not a real pizza as far as I am concerned!


Maybe some Pepperoni? My favorite! This is making me hungry!


Savannah takes her turn at the prep station!



The delicious outcome!


See ya soon! I am going to get something to eat.. 🙂

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