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Academic Excellence: Hard Work and Pride

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A few years ago, we had a dilemma in the Jackle household.  We were living in a new house we loved with great neighbors.  Man, I miss them all.  Sophie was attending a Casa Esperanza Montessori public Charter school.  At the time, she was placed in Title 1 reading assistance group because she was reading below grade level.  We knew that we had to make a long-term change to help our child.  We decided to move across town to get in a better school situation.  We accepted that we would have less house for more money, but knew that our children’s education was worth more than any possession we had.

We are now in a new great neighborhood with a great school with new great neighbors.  One of the main differences is that our child Sophie is now truly beginning to realize her academic potential.  She is at or above grade level in all areas. She has worked very hard to achieve this.  We are not the only ones to notice this.  She was just recognized for Academic Excellence for this quarter at Hilburn Elementary School in a ceremony where 3-5 graders, teachers, staff, and proud parents were in attendance.

Now, this is the type of attention I am glad that Sophie was receiving from the school’s principal.  She received a medal and a certificate. Above, you can see her receiving the medal. It was almost like an Olympic moment for me.  I was holding back the tears of pride.  Sophie is shy while in front of large groups. She hung in there like a champ!

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Here is the handshake from the principal Mr. Ford.

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She is showing her Academic Excellence certificate here.

It was quite evident that we could not contain our excitement during the ceremony by the next two images.  I have been kidding my friend who is the parent of boy standing next to Sophia in the photographs that it was our talking in the assembly that prompted the principal’s and guidance counselor’s reactions below.

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As my grandfather used to say “Boys will be Boys!” Smile 

I have shared additional images for other proud parents on my gallery website.

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