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My Baby Graduated!


My youngest daughter Savannah graduated today from  Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church preschool today.  I can safely say that she is probably the shyest Jackle you will ever meet.  I know it is hard to believe that a “shy” Jackle exists but Savannah is living proof.  It is even harder to believe that she probably gets some of it from me.  She likes to play by herself just like I did when I was kid.  She prefers not to be in front of big groups of people or have all the attention centered on her.  I was extremely proud of her that she stood tall right in the center of the graduation ceremony. 



I am going to miss her wonderful teachers Linda Schwarz and Cindy Smith.  This shot was taken right after they presented her with a diploma.


I think she was ready to get out of the spotlight.


This is the wonderful preschool director Cathy Anderson who was truly touched when Savannah presented her with some flowers.



I love you girl!!!!!!!!!

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