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Inspiration and Learning: A Photographer’s Voyage


Over the past several years, I have been continually working on all aspects of my photography business.

In my view,  these are main aspect of my focus:

  • “customer focused” business
  • technical : lighting and gear
  • vision:  Using technical aspects to create my vision that is in my head into an image.

It is absolutely amazing the amount of photographic resources that can be found on the web these days that cover all aspects of running a photography business.  The deeper I get into this adventure, the clearer it becomes that it is not about the gear( gear ≠ experience, gear ≠ professionalism) but rather it is about the photographer.  Every day, like a kid in a candy store,  I open my page that contains all my photographic resource news/blog feeds looking for the new knowledge gem.

Here are some of the resources that have inspired me and taught me over the last few years on my voyage:

Wedding Photographic Society(WPS):  A group of the professional wedding and portrait photographers sharing their experiences and skills to help ensure that clients truly get the best out of their photographers.  Cannot thank the WPS board members and fellow photographers enough for the assistance they openly provide for all the member’s photographic journeys.

Professional Photographers of America:  National organization that strives to teach and re-enforce professionalism, integrity, honesty and skills of professional photographers.

Neil Van Niekerk tangents blog(formerly  Neil is absolutely an amazing teacher and photographer that shares everything about light and composition and other photography related subjects. His two books: Off Camera Flash: Techniques for Digital Photographers and On-Camera Flash: Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography are must haves in any photographer’s book collection.   I cannot tell you how many “ah-ha” moments I have had from Neil’s blog and books.   Neil will be speaking at the WPS convention in Raleigh this year. – A marriage of two of my favorite resources.

Lighting Essentials for PhotographersDon Giannatti take a “no-nonsense tell-it-like-it-is” approach to everything photography- lighting, composition, marketing,  and industry.  You can spend a year or more on his site along learning and being inspired.  The value of his Learn to Light workshop can not be put into words.  Wow!

Wedding Photographic Society(WPS) Board Members:

Other Photographers:


This list would never end unless I stop here.   Whether you know it or not, you have been a positive influence on me! Thank you all!

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