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Alicia’s Graduation: Leesville High School Graduation Photography


I remember almost 17 years ago when I first started dating Jackie this little girl was about 1-1/2 years old.   We were playing “wacky-ball” in my soon to be sister-in-law Lori’s pool.  “Wacky-ball” was an inflatable ball for the pool where one side of the ball had a weight in it so it will fly in all sorts of “wacky” directions when you threw it.  Alicia would just giggle and smile ear to ear every time I flung the ball. 

Yesterday,  I was proud to play the role of graduate photographer and gleaming uncle and capture a few photographs of Alicia just before she headed to her Leesville High School graduation ceremony.  Alicia will always be my little “wacky-ball” niece even when she heads into the world as a young adult attending East Carolina University.  I love you Alicia!!




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