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Sassy Sophie: Man I am in trouble!


Man I am in trouble…   Today, I wanted to have photo shoot with my girls but with a little twist for father’s day.  Typically, I am the one behind the camera,  but this time I wanted to be in the pictures.  I asked Sophie to help me with some tests shots so  I could have everything all setup for Jackie(my wife) to take the pictures.   Besides the fact that one of my flash units bit the dust which did not help my Father’s day, I also realized that my daughter is sweet and sassy like these images show here.  Good news, she still agrees not to date until she is 28 years and wants me to help her pick out the boy she should marry.   Added bonus,  she still thinks boys are yucky!  Hopefully, this will last for a long time…


Well, my other special sassy child would not cooperate for the photo shoot so we will have to take a rain check.  It definitely needs to be done.  Not necessarily for me but for future generations of the family.  How can my kids show pictures of their father to their kids and grandkids if we do not take the time to make it happen?  Hey fathers(and mothers) out there that do not like to get your pictures taken, this may be something you want to consider when making your decision on whether to be included in family photos.

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