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Breaking News: Tweetsie Railroad Outlaw “Mama Senora” captured


Over the last several years,  the notorious Tweetsie outlaw “Mama Senora” has been running amuck in the little western NC town of Blowing Rock, NC.  She has been on the top of the Tweetsie Railroad 10 most wanted list for the last several years.  None of the previous sheriffs have been able to apprehend her until now.   There is a new sheriff in town and things are changing.  Sheriff Sophie Jackle and her deputy Savannah Jackle quickly apprehended this outlaw within a day of starting their duties. 


  Under the watchful eye of deputy Savannah, sheriff Sophie is found here removing the handcuffs and putting “Mama Senora” in her rightful place in the Tweetsie jail.


Obviously, this does not make “Mama Senora” too happy.


“Mama Senora” has been known to use her southern charm on men and children alike to get out of tough spots in the past.  She is especially known for her expert child manipulation skills.  She waits for sheriff Sophie to leave to plead her case and try to manipulate deputy Savannah into letting her out. 


It appears to be working.  Deputy Savannah is about to open the jail cell door.


Sheriff Sophie returns just in time to stop the escape.


Sophie is not too happy with her deputy and decides that both of them should be behind bars. “Mama Senora” is disappointed that her plan was no match for sheriff Sophie.


Deputy Savannah is also not happy as she sits in the Tweetsie jail contemplating what she had done.

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