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Grayson Highlands–pinnacle hike: Mountain Portraits


We had a great time camping at Grayson Highlands State Park.  This first shot was taken at the Pinnacle near the Visitor’s center.  It includes both my girls with their cousins Nick and Autumn.


Here they are again under this very cool tree that grew over a huge boulder.  Below, a wider shot of the tree with just Nick and Autumn posing for me.


Some of hiking was a little treacherous for my little Savannah, but Sophia, Nick and Autumn could make it to this rock. I am glad uncle Mike was just out of camera view to help spot them if things got hairy. 


Let’s not forget my newest nephew “Baby Marshall.”  Here are few shots of him enjoying a special moment with mamma.



grayson-highlands-statepark-9This is the whole clan for our hike that day including a dog named Katie.  We had a great time hanging with my brother-in-law and his family. grayson-highlands-statepark-3

It is not too often that  I am the subject of the family photos especially when they are coming from my camera.  Jackie took this one to help document for everyone that the girls do in fact have a father. grayson-highlands-statepark-5

These photos do not capture everyone on our camping trip.   We split up and took separate hikes this day.  Stay tuned for more images from the Grayson Highlands camping trip that will be coming soon!

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