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I Love The 80s: Jackie’s 40th Birthday Decorations

On Saturday, we celebrated my wife Jackie’s 40th birthday.  The party was done in an 80s theme.  Her friend and bridesmaid from our wedding almost 14 years ago Kim did an amazing job with planning this special date.  She got the wonderful cake and cupcakes, created various decorations, created the 80s playlist for the  music, and got the evite going.  This list goes on! Thanks Kim!

I love the choices for the cupcakes and cake shown here. You can not get more 80s than the boom box. 


Here is a shot of the wall setup right next to the cake. Obviously, I love the canvas print of an image I took a couple of years ago when Jackie was sharing her birthday cake with the girls.  This has been in our kitchen for couple of years.  More importantly for the party, are the 80s themed pieces like Kim’s Olivia Newton John, Cyndi Lauper, and Rick Springfield concert programs and the “Who shot JR?” photo on the right.  Jackie’s mom supplied the high memorabilia that included her 1989 high school senior class photo and other items from Jackie memory box.  I created the two books in the middle(“Nanna” and “Sophie J”)  as part of my gift. 


This is the food table before the food came out.  I love the Dirty Dancing stand up in this shot coupled with the fresh flowers that Jackie’s mom brought.


Sometimes decorations take a human form.  Our cousin Nicole went all out for the 80s theme.  In our minds, she won the unofficial “best 80s” outfit for the party.  I love this quick shot of her and her daughter.


Finally, I wanted to share the video slideshow I made as part of Jackie’s gift.  I hope you enjoy it!

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