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My Little Sophie Aldean


Recently, Sophie has been taking guitar lessons.  I guess in sense she is following her old man’s footsteps except that my guitars only had 4 or 5 strings.  I am really glad that she is showing interest in music.   It’s really cool how music can unite people.  We decided to head upstairs and take a few shots of her with new acoustic guitar.  She is already asking about getting an electric one but I told her one step at a time. 

Somehow, doing the Hendrix playing with your teeth does not look quite right with an acoustic guitar.  No, I did not prompt this pose.Little-Sophie-Aldean-2 She truly seems to enjoy playing.  I just hope she has more discipline with her practicing than I did when I started. I proud to see her trying this at age 9 versus in high school like me.  


See ya soon!

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