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Hilburn STEM Expo: Hilburn Drive STEM Academy


We had our first STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) expo this past week which is a two hour event showcasing the STEM learning program at Hilburn Elementary school.  Sophie presented information regarding the engineering design process in her 4th grade class session.


Savannah worked with her classmates to design and build a house.


Her kindergarten house building team was very excited to show off their work. 

What good is a home without a mommy?  I love the pride and happiness in this image.


The Museum of Natural Sciences had an animal display that was hit with all the children including the big one that is taking this picture.   Lizards anyone?




Gregory Ford (principal) and Cheryl Fenner (Asst. Principal)  are the leaders of this wonderful school. They are two of the people that I respect and admire the most in Raleigh as they lead Hilburn into the 21st century learning.


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