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Christmas Beacon: My Nephew Marshall


It is early Christmas morning. Uncle Steve has his camera as usual.  My nephew Marshall had just grabbed some chocolate from his stocking. Wah La!  I love the innocence, excitement and amazement that little children bring to Christmas morning.  They are happy and grateful for everything that their parents and Santa Claus brings them no matter how big or small it is.  They help to remind us about the importance of spending time with and appreciating the family.  Marshall was the beacon on Christmas morning. He acted in direct contrast to my older nieces and nephews and other family members.  As time went by, most stopped believing in Santa Claus and focused more on the number and value of gifts they received rather than the thought and effort behind the gifts and the family behind them.   I think we can all get caught up in the material things in life and forget the value of the intangible things.  I am glad we have Marshall around to keep things in perspective. 




Here is a special moment between him and his cousin Sophie.


My mother-in-law epitomizes the giving spirit. She really does a great job preparing the many things that are necessary to accommodate the 16 family members that invaded her home for Christmas.  She does so much to make everyone feel welcome and important.  Thank you Carol for everything!  I am proud and blessed to have my wife Jackie in my life as the apple truly does not fall far from the tree.   Here is a special moment between Carol and her latest grandchild.


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