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The Next Lita Ford? : Raleigh Rock Guitarist Photography


Yesterday was my oldest daughters 10th birthday. Time flies when you are having fun!  Since last October, she has been taking acoustic guitar lessons every week.  Sophie is a rocker at heart and has requested an electric guitar for a few months now.   I told her that if she keeps playing her acoustic guitar that eventually she will be able to get an electric guitar.  

She has been complaining about the modern country music (Jason Aldean, Zack Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan) that I have been playing in the car lately.  She wonders what has happened to my music tastes.  She says: “Don’t you like KISS anymore Daddy?”

Jackie and I agreed to get her a strap for her acoustic guitar among some other things.  In my previous life (before marriage and kids),  I played bass guitar in a couple bands (Jesse’s Zoo and Naked Café) in Chapel Hill, NC.  Music has been a big part of my life since my youth.   Even to this day I am very dangerous in a music store much like a kid in a candy store.   Jackie asked me to take Sophie to Guitar Center and help her pick out a strap.  Being afraid that I would buy something for me, I suggested that she take our daughter to pick out the strap.  I received a call from Jackie at the store yesterday, apparently Sophie had found an electric guitar that she wants.   Since we already had given her other presents earlier in day,  I said she had to buy the guitar out of her saved money.   A few hours later, they arrived home with a shiny new Fender Squire guitar and Peavey amp.  I have not seen Sophie this excited in a while! Lesson learned.  A mom that that easily gets persuaded by her children is not any better focused in the guitar store than a musician father. : )

  Being the father and Raleigh musician photographer that I am, I suggested that we take a few shots of one of Raleigh’s latest electrified guitarists.  We headed to the back porch to capture a few minutes of a girl and her guitar.

This morning Sophie woke up and rushed in to the room where the guitar is stored.  She said she wanted to be sure that she was not dreaming that she had an electric guitar.  I love that she is so excited about music and playing guitar.  I hope this continues for many years!   Rock on Sophie! 





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