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Pumpkin Carving Jackle Style: Raleigh Lifestyle photography

Raleigh pumpkin carving

This the season to be jolly FA LA LA LA… (oops! Wrong holiday).   Last weekend it was pumpkin carving time at the Jackles.  Jackie took the little ones to Farmers market and got them pumpkins to get ready for Halloween. As you can tell from the image above, Savannah likes to play in pumpkin goop to get the seeds out.   

Sophie picked out an interesting pumpkin this year. A Great White Pumpkin!  I got reminded very quickly that I was mixing a little Charlie Brown(“The Great Pumpkin” movie) and Ted Nugent(“Great White Buffalo” song)  when I called it that.  Well, what I can say?  I am a rocker that like kids movies.


This great white pumpkin had seeds that smelled just like cucumbers – a very interesting twist to this year’s carving.


I am just playing in the seeds! I am just playing in the seeds! What a wonderful feeling! I am just playing in the seeds!



My oldest daughter above is growing fast!  A teenager in a 10 year old body. All ready losing patience for a father with a camera. 

Nothing much excites the littlest Jackle below more than pumpkin goop! I have not seen her act like this in quite awhile.


Happy Halloween everyone!


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