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The Art of Catching the Boutique: A wedding Back story


Recently, I had the pleasure of working as a second wedding shooter with John Carter who runs A Perfect Day DJ which offers corporate and wedding full service DJ entertainment, Videography, and Photography.  These images are from that A Perfect Day DJ wedding booking.

In the image above, notice how one particular potential bride-to-be is flexing her muscles getting ready to catch the boutique.  She has all the others laughing in stitches as they wait for the toss.

In the image below, it is quite evident who is the aggressive one that wants that boutique. 


At the point of “impact” a bright light washed the scene(below) as if it was a message from God himself.  She won the battle for the boutique! Is this a message or sign from God?  

Since you can see main photographer John Carter’s shadow in the left hand edge of image, the light was not originating from him but was coming from behind him.  I also love the silhouette of a smiling mother of the bride and crowd. This adds more story to the mystery.


Here are a few of images of the “back story” couple at the barbeque after wedding reception.  I noticed that many people were asking them when they would be getting married throughout the day.  I’m not sure of the boutique toss sealed the deal or not.  I guess only time will tell.


If anyone is interested in knowing, yes, he wore the kilt to the wedding too!


Whether they get married or not, you can tell they are one happy couple!

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