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My Circle Buddy : Raleigh Fall Children Photography


It was been a week full of excitement for the Jackle family and our nation.  As a political science/criminal justice graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, I have always found politics interesting especially around presidential election time.  Though the focus was mainly on the presidential candidates, the solutions to the driving issues in this election still must originate from the congress. I am hopeful the congress will put aside their partisanship and work together to provide solutions for all Americans.  These solutions can come from the good ideas from both sides if they choose to work together for the American people.  Ok, what does this have to do with my circle buddy? Well, not much at all really but it was on my mind.

Another exciting thing happened this week for this tech head.  I found a deal on a Canon 5D Mark III full frame digital camera.  I wanted to get a full frame camera for several years and could not resist this opportunity.  After I received the camera yesterday, I was itching to test it out.  My girls were a little unwillingly to be my models so I went to our circle where our neighborhood kids play.

When I arrived, my buddy from across the street was playing with his mom in the leaves.  I get such a kick watching this guy grow.  I almost melt when he says “Hi Mister Steve!” and lights up when I see him. I love his happy smile.  Great kid and a great family! 

He was having so much fun playing with the leaves.  This provided me an opportunity to capture this playful moment and test out my new camera too.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.








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