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Hugs: Have you had yours today?

Personally, I think the greatest joys and challenges in life come from being a parent.  My children have been theView full post »

Sophie’s Fashionable Birthday: Raleigh birthday photography

A few months back, we celebrated Sophie’s birthday in a very fashionable way. We invited a few of her ‚ÄúsuperView full post »

Funny Faces: Expressions with a thousand words

I have always been fascinated by images of the human face.  Captured expressions can invoke varying emotions forView full post »

Inspiration and Learning: A Photographer’s Voyage

Over the past several years, I have been continually working on all aspects of my photography business. In myView full post »

My Baby Graduated!

My youngest daughter Savannah graduated today from  Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church preschool today. View full post »

Academic Excellence: Hard Work and Pride

A few years ago, we had a dilemma in the Jackle household.  We were living in a new house we loved with greatView full post »

Circle of Smiles: Raleigh children portraits

Well, we are back in the circle again. It was a beautiful day in Raleigh on Sunday following some pretty badView full post »