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Hilburn Academy: first day of school

It is that time of the year again!  The girls have one more summer behind them.  They are starting anotherView full post »

Parent Paparazzi Strikes Again: Sisters Officially Start Hilburn Together

  Today, was the first day were both of our kids are on the regular school schedule.   Last week,View full post »

First Day Of Kindergarten: Harder on Mom or the Kid?

As you saw from my last post, my oldest daughter Sophie started the 4th grade yesterday.  Today, our youngestView full post »

My kid is a 4th Grader!

Sophie starts the 4th grade today.  I came down from my office to find Sophie laying our bed as her mother wasView full post »

My Baby Graduated!

My youngest daughter Savannah graduated today from  Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church preschool today. View full post »

Academic Excellence: Hard Work and Pride

A few years ago, we had a dilemma in the Jackle household.  We were living in a new house we loved with greatView full post »

A Little School That Could– Hilburn Elementary

  On this blog, you probably noticed that I am proud father for two wonderful girls.  One daughter isView full post »

Hilburn Thanksgiving Party 2009

The holiday season is an exciting and busy time for all of us. We have family get-togethers as well as school relatedView full post »